One-on-one Full Service Achieving Perfection

Wireless monitoring technology

Make real-time monitoring over elevator operation and passenger’s situation inside elevator in remote monitoring center through wireless
communication model, excluding malfunction before occurrence, ensuringm safety of passengers.

Overspeed (out of control)protection device

Be installed in tractor-driven elevator, which is safety protection device used to brake the lift car or reduce speed effectively when there is overspeed of elevator to certain extent.

Before sale: sincere communication, reasonable suggestion

Client-oriented; understand in detail about clients’needs;make professional analysis based on clients’situation; provide personalized solution with pertinence.

On sale:professional training,perfect operation

Serve different projects with installation of high level of efficiency,standard, and safety; make professional use training as to clients;support clients comprehensively.

After一sale:improve maintenance with wholehearted efforts

24一hour hotline support with the principle of first-time response; rapid maintenance; timely supply of perfect parts; provide for you with sincere service.

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